Airs & Graces + DJ Bombsiteboy @ Burner Turns 50

16022019 20:00

Max BURNER Kraus is going to throw a party, an epic birthday bash on February 16th. 50 years of loyalty, royalty and mayhem. Be there or be square.

Musical performance + DJ Set

AIRS & GRACES hail from Germany and Canada. Born in mid-2012 after Big Ar, Two Hands, AyMo and El Capitán decided to leave their former band and start a band, which right from the get-go intended to be the most energetic, raucous and also shantyish PUNK BAND around.

Gigged with:
The Rumjacks (AUS), Continental (USA), Jamie Clarke's Perfect (UK), The Duetones, Harry Gump, Anti-Pee-Wee, Minipax, Swallow's Rose, Corinore, Radio Haze, Redlight 6...more to come!

Appearances at:
Regensburg City Festival (G / 2015), Never Grow Up Festival (G), The Irish Night (Liechtenstein), Rumblers CC BBQ 2017 (G), Regensburg City Festival (G / 2017)...


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