Motel Transylvania is a project born in the late 2014 within Savona’s underground scene. After a few changes in the line-up, in 2016 the band established its final formation, composed by: Toxi Ghoul (voice and drums), Taison Gore (guitar) and Fish (double bass). Their sound it’s a combination of rough and unvarnished verses with melodic and direct choruses. The first EP, “They Dig After Midnight”, has been released in 2015 by Archetype & Undead Artists Records. Over time, there has been a change in both style and lyrics’ contents. From narrating simple grotesque tales, the band moved to delivering concrete messages, real life experiences, the will to party, and telling how the world can often be the scariest horror story. In 2018 Motel Transylvania will release their new album along with the dates for its presentation tour.